Stop looking for your brand. Start seeing it.

An exclusive business and brand-building mentorship-meets-mastermind for personality-led brands.
12 women | 12 weeks | 6 part framework | 1 incredibly unique-to-you brand


There’s nothing accidental about the brands that catch your eye.

They capture (and keep) your attention and instantly reveal what makes them different, unique, special.

They dazzle you. Delight you despite yourself. Make you want to dig in to learn more, and connect.

All without trying too hard.
Or saying too much.
Or breaking a bead of sweat...


Phenomenal brands jump off the page.

Into your heart.
Your mind.
Your wallet.

It looks and feels effortless - doesn’t it?

The way they tell their story.
Their jaw-dropping photography.
Their clever copywriting.
That logo.

Here's the good news: 

Brands like this don't happen by chance. They're built. 

Here's the excellent news: 

There’s a method to the madness – a method I've perfected over 15+ years in the industry.

And if you're ready? I'm here to take you through that very process. 


This is MirrorBrand™ by Public Persona.

MirrorBrand by Public Persona is an immersive mentorship-meets-mastermind designed to help you to (re)imagine your personality-led brand – from head-to-footnote, top to bottom-line.  


The big idea= to help you

Uplevel your business through your brand.

Increase your perceived value. 

Perfect the mark you want to make in your space. 

MirrorBrand is the ultimate framework for developing a completely cohesive, sustainable, and unique-to-you uplevelled brand platform.

One that amplifies and reflects the most captivating aspects of your personality and skill set; so you can clearly share who you are, what you do best, and why you're utterly original in a way that engages your audience...

Visually. Verbally. Viscerally.

One that turns you into your own brand manager and Creative Director -  making huge confident decisions for your website graphics, copy, photos offers, and social presence with confidence (and without wasting precious time and money)...

So you show up powerfully and on purpose -- online and IRL.

One that gives you an untouchable competitive edge (no matter how crowded the market)...

Which means your business becomes an institution -- instead of just the next “it girl”.


MirrorBrand is designed to help you translate your almost-intangible hook that'll have us all at "hello".

Which means more customers, confidence and caché (and not to mention - cash)...



I'm Sarah Ashman.  I’ve spent 15+ years building unforgettable, "instant -yes" brands as a Brand Strategist and Creative Director for mega-corporations and prominent personality-driven entrepreneurs like:

Estée Lauder


Aerin Lauder

Coach Handbags

Ted Baker London


Amy Porterfield

Melanie Duncan

Kira Hug

Nikki Elledge Brown

Tonya Leigh


"I can't recommend MirrorBrand enough..."


"MirrorBrand was an incredible experience. The masterclass helped me with everything from honing my vision and helping me to define and communicate what makes me and my product line unique  - down to the tiniest of details...

...And to be among other exceptionally talented entrepreneurs who were going through the process alongside me was phenomenal. The business and friend connections that came out of this experience were worth their weight in gold alone. I can't recommend MirrorBrand enough!"

Heather D'Addona Barksdale |  Switzerland |  Couture Handbag and Fashion Designer 


"...MirrorBrand blew me out of the water."


"I'm not new to this brand thing. It's a huge part of my work and my business...but what we did inside MirrorBrand blew me out of the water.

It's not just about the "who are you/who do you serve/ what do you wanna look like?" brand basics we all know and love. It's deeper – much deeper.

So many times in my branding journey I've second-guessed. Struggled. Put things out there that didn't feel quiiite right, or couldn't evolve with me. What I created in MirrorBrand is head and shoulders over any of that.

If there's one lesson I keep learning in business, it's to make sure when you invest? You invest in the best.

So if you're ready to level up your brand to the major leagues? The best has landed..."

Hillary Weiss | New York, NY |  Copywriter and Creative Director



MirrorBrand™ is currently in session. 

Hop on the waitlist to be the first to know about the next go-round - coming January 2020.