12 women.  12 weeks.  6 phase framework. Lots of support. 
 1 incredibly unique-to-you brand.


The Details.

The Framework

Through a mixture of LIVE Zoom video-based workshops with Sarah and comprehensive video recordings, you'll work step-by-step through the  6 signature phases of MirrorBrand. 

A short and sweet, gorgeously designed Work-it-Book will help you focus your work each week and will serve as a record of your progress.  

Weekly Video Calls

Each Thursday, we'll meet as a group for approximately 1.5 hours,  LIVE on Zoom Video, to review your progress, problem-solve, brainstorm, and finesse.

Recordings will be provided for those unable to attend live. 

The Mastermind

You'll be in great company.  I'll hand-pick 12 incredibly driven creative female entrepreneurs to participate. Afterall, 13 smart brains on your business always leads to breakthroughs.

You'll collaborate with other members in our private Facebook Group, on our weekly video calls, as well as (if you so choose) on your own - paired off with accountability partners. 

1 Private 1:1 Consult

You will also receive 1 Private 60-minute Consulting Session with Sarah to use at any point throughout the 3 month process. 

I will also personally pop into the private Facebook group several times each week to answer your questions and/or provide feedback on your progress. 


The Goods (to be great)

MirrorBrand is a comprehensive 6 part framework. Each phase builds seamlessly on the next to build a completely unique-to-you uplevelled brand foundation.

Throughout our 12 weeks together, we'll work to sort  through the seemingly disparate pieces of your business + brand  – and then work to put them together to create a clear, cohesive, compelling, and most importantly, sustainable brand foundation.

In other words, we’ll work to create the big picture of your brand, ensuring that all of the details of you and your business are seamlessly integrated.

We'll find the pulse of who you are, what your brand needs, how to position your business for success, and exactly how to make it happen.

Here's what we'll dive into... 

01 – Self (Re)Discovery

Let’s call it DISCO, because solo dance parties are a mandatory part of entrepreneurship. Dive deep into who you are and (re)discover what makes you and that-thing-you-do so damned distinctive - because afterall - you are the face of your brand.

02 – Strategy

Because it doesn’t just matter what YOU think of your brand - it matters what THEY think of it…. which means you need a smart strategy to turn heads and take names (read: waitlists). 

03 – Story

This is what people will remember, so you want to make your story worth rememberING – and worth re-telling.

04 – Style

You: unapologetically amplified. Only now is it time to indulge in the aesthetics. Your brand will need a visual identity and a voice, and it should all be borne out of the unique way you express your personality to the world.

05 – Spin

Elevate your brand to a level that no one else can touch and give your customers a hook that'll have them at 'hello'. 

06 – Synthesis

This is where we’ll button everything up. Where you’ll start to see your hard work pay off in spades. Where you’ll realize that 12 weeks really has changed everything +  plan how to bring it all to life.


The Final Result - The Brand Dossier

MirrorBrand culminates in the creation of your final Brand Dossier - A complete summary of the crucial elements of your MirrorBrand work. It’s a living document that will become the record of your brand foundation. As your brand evolves, so should your Dossier.

Any time you launch a new project, shift direction, or hire anyone, the Dossier won’t just valuable, it’ll be invaluable.

It will also help to guide your brand through implementation, ensuring consistency across each and every touchpoint. All a designer,  copywriter, or photographer will need to do is open it up and BAM, they have a clear snapshot of your brand already.

(Investment: protected. Hours of your life saved: 1746839.)



12 women.
12 weeks. 
Lots of hands-on support.
1 unique-to-you brand.

Your investment


A willingness to truly roll up your sleeves to seriously uplevel your brand (and business).

*payment plans available



MirrorBrand™ by Public Persona is currently closed but be sure to hop on the waitlist below to be the first to know about the Fall 2019 session...


" ...One of the best investments I've made - not only in my business, but in myself."


“This has been one of the best investments I've made, not only in my business, but in myself. 

MirrorBrand helped me see who I am and what I uniquely offer to the world.  The process not only transformed my brand – it actually changed how I do business ... "

-Valerie Jeannis | New York, NY |  Speaker, Author, Founder of the I Dare To Dream Project